Cort presenting a bankruptcy case in court.

In most personal bankruptcy cases, it is the work performed prior to the filing of the case that requires the most time and energy. Client consultations, pre-filing strategizing, asset maneuvering, document gathering, petition and schedule preparation, and signing appointments all occur before a case ever hits the court’s docket. Once it does, the expectation is that the case will wind its way through the system with relative ease.  

But there are always the hard cases, where creditor, trustee, or Bankruptcy Administrator resistance is anticipated. Sasser Law Firm welcomes these kinds of cases and is well equipped to litigate on behalf of both debtors and creditors the application of bankruptcy law to pre-bankruptcy separation agreements, tax liability, tort claims, accussations of fraud, defalcation of fiduciary duty, and allienation of affection claims.

A state court judgment is not always the final word on these matters. 

Representative Cases

  • Calvin A___ v. Kenneth W____Represented creditor in seeking denial of discharge of allienation of affection claim.
  • Two Olives v. David L_____Represented creditor in seeking denial of discharge for activities related to fraudulent transfer. 
  • Apropos Holding v. Abdoulie F____Represented debtor in commercial landlord's action to have claim denied becaue of "willful and malicious injury to property."